Available courses

How Healing & Disease Happens
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This course is a detailed representation on how healing & disease can happen and how you can prevent it. 

Tanya English

Intro to Chemistry for herbalists
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Introduction to Atoms and bonding for herbalists and others.  Only available to Apprenticeship Students.

Donna Bass

Salve Making Class (Fixed oils 2)
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This is the next in the series of medicine making.  This follows "The Chemistry of Fixed oils".  In this class we explore the mechanics of infusing fixed oils with herbs then making salves and other medicines. In your kit you will receive: 

A powerpoint lecture

A laminated fixed oils quick guide

Two different herbs for oil infusion

Two different oils to infuse the  herbs into

beeswax and a floral wax 



There is a chat that is monitored by me where you can chat with others, and there will be one zoom class to ask questions in person, in real time. Available to general public.

Donna Bass

The Chemistry of Fixed oils
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In this class we will explore fixed oils (not essential oils) and their chemistry.  We will discuss atom anatomy, atoms of oils, bonds, safety concerns, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated oils and their uses.  You will receive:

a sample of each type of oil

a laminated quick guide to fixed oils and their saturations

A PowerPoint lecture with notes

A one time face to face round table  meeting to ask and answer questions

A chat where you can ask questions of the instructor and read your peers ideas and inputs.

The cost is 120.00, available to the general public.

Donna Bass

Let's make Body Butter
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A step by step course on making body butter.  We will:

Discuss the basic recipe of body butter

Go through the process of making body butter with a video and still pictures

Discuss Fixed oils, their shelf life and properties and essential oils their properties for healing mind and body


Discuss safety information and tips from a master herbalist who has been making body butter professionally since 2014. 

You will receive a kit containing:

Mango Butter

Sunflower oil 

Laminated oil quick guide

an ebook to download with pictures and detailed instruction.  Available to the general public.

Donna Bass

Herbalism Month 2
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Month two Activity: Making teas, compresses, poultices, liniments. Coursework: the history of herbalism, continuing Chemistry Herbal energetics, herbal vocabulary.  Only available to Apprenticeship students

Donna Bass